Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Winds of Change

It has been cooling down a bit lately, from 100+ to low 90s, and it feels so good to my GIANT, achy body. Beside the weather returning to a livable state we are approaching so many other important changes. In about TWO weeks I'm turning 30! Its not the hugest of birthday milestones, but it is this pivotal moment that I used to think would bring forth all kinds of life wisdom. Yet this week, I've just been sitting around feeling ready to not weigh in at a whopping 177 lbs., to meet my little Mr. and to once again be able wrestle with Little Mama. Not a wise bone in my body, just a bunch of hope for doing the mundane and really enjoying it. 

So 30, you can bring new realizations, or not, I'll be ok either way. 

In four weeks Tiny Mr. M. will be joining us (of course earlier would be better for me, but you take your time if you need it little man). I'm going to admit that it still feels a bit surreal that we will no longer be a family of three, but I'm sure when i hold the little bundle of joy it will hit me like a ton of bricks (in the best possible way). 

In the last few months I've been trying to wrap my mind around the fact that our 700square foot living arrangement is about to get a bit more cramped. I've been trying to organize the whole house and rearrange Little Mama's room to accommodate for another occupant. Last week I finally finished Little Mr's "corner".

But first let me show you Little Mama's crazy hair, we first cut it about 3 months ago and kept up the short bob, but now its just a huge ol' mess! We can't figure out if we should get it trimmed again or just let it grow out.

So Tiny Mr's corner is ready for him; the funny thing is he won't be using it until he is about 6-8 months because he will be in our room. 


One of my favorite parts of his room is this little quilt.  

I finished it about a month ago, and while it is not perfect, I am very pleased with it. 

My hope is that Little Mama and Tiny Mr. will some day understand how much I love them with all of this DIY stuff I've been trying to make for them. 

In any case, life is good, and change is inevitable. 

Thursday, August 15, 2013

We Keep On Growing!

This summer has been by far one of the best summers in a while. Even though its still been a summer of transition, its also been a summer of adventures and exploring, relaxing, and just enjoying each other's company. We have also been growing (as a family and on a personal level). 
We are soaking in all that it means to be a family of three, because in five or so weeks this will be no more. I am over the moon about meeting my little boy, but I find myself being more intentional about enjoying one-on-one time with Little Mama. 

I think we can all sense the winds of change, because Little Mama has been extra needy. 
She clings to me and throws fits like never before; I think she can sense Mama is tired and Tiny Mr. M. is getting ready to steal some of the spotlight. She needn't worry, there is enough attention to go around. We've talked to her about her brother, and while I have no idea if she gets it, sometimes she comes up to my belly and gives it a kiss while saying her brother's name. I'm taking this as the beginning of a wonderful friendship. 
Mr. M. and I have also been trying to be more intentional about our relationship. It was so easy to be just the two of us; running around from here to there on a whim, enjoying random dates or long chats at the local coffee shop. It goes without saying that becoming a parent changes these dynamics, and one has to try harder to fit these things in. 
One part of our being more intentional is our decision to become the "youth leaders" at our church. This happened about 3 months ago, and while it might seem a bit counterintuitive that one more activity dedicated to giving our time to others would bring us closer together, it really has. We meet the youth every other week and do some study/reflection time for a couple hours; we involve ourselves in their spiritual and mental development, and all the while Mr. M. and I deepen our relationship with each other and our Creator. Its been an amazing experience. Through intentional time of study in the Bible, long chats about core values, what we believe community means, and some fighting about important and not so important details we have come closer in our love for one another. Through time reflecting about where we believe the youth are headed in their relationship with our Maker and their community Mr. M. and I have come to appreciate and understand each other a bit more every week. 
My little family is growing. Soon enough we will be a family of four!

Its all very exciting, and I just know that Tiny Mr. M. will be a perfect fit. He will push us to a new limit, change our hearts and we will wonder how we ever lived without him.
Here is to the next five weeks going by as quickly as they should!

BTW these photos where taken by me (on my remote controlled shutter release camera mounted on a tripod and by my little sister Lori Garcia). They are amazing!