Colour Me Yellow is a lifestyle blog dedicated to sharing little tid-bits about my life, our little adventures, and the many life lessons that come our way, mainly because we try to follow Jesus and are seeking community among our neighbors and fellow Jesus-followers. A few months ago we moved to the desert of South Nevada, and are trying to live a life of integrity and love, in Sin City mind you! 
We are trying to figure out how to respond the the calling of our Creator. 
But its not all seriousness around here, we are silly beyond belief. I try not to worry about what I will eat, what I will drink or what I will wear, but I really enjoy reading those food and outfit posts living out in the blog world and from time to time contribute my own.

Other loves of mine happen to be:
Arnold Palmers
Apple Pies
Chocolate Chip Cookies
DIY projects
Party PlanningSewing

Thanks for stopping by, and may the force be with you.  

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