Thursday, October 16, 2014

1st Birthdays

Tiny Mr. M. had a birthday last month. His first birthday. 

A few days before his birthday we went one of the parks in the city that I really like and I took a few photo of him. He was his cute little self the entire time. 

We also did a cake smash, that he wasn't so sure about.

It took a little while of us trying to get him to play with the cake, but he finally did.


We had a small celebration at the pool with some friends and family. 

On his actual birthday his aunt made him another cake and of course he loved it. ;)

It was a good birthday.

As far as we know it, this little guy will be our last baby. He truly balances us out as a family. Its amazing to see him develop into such an adventurous little boy. 

We love you! You have been such a good addition to our family. Your character is just perfect. You are friendly, happy, and very passionate about your needs. You are learning about your world, and discovering so many things. You don't speak many words yet, only bye, mama, pa. You are taking your first steps. You love your sister, when ever I put her in time out you run and sit between her legs and refuse to leave her side. Its the cutest, but its making discipline very challenging. You are definitely a people person, and love being with your daddy. I'm so excited to see you grow.

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