Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Keeping Perspective

Its been about a month since I had the opportunity to post. Life has been full of unexpected challenges and I just haven't been able to find the time to sit down and share about what has been going on (nor have I been really ready to). When I started this space I did it with the intent of documenting the daily happenings and as a way to provide myself a creative outlet. But here I am letting time pass me by. 
So today I decided it was time to make the space and share what keeps me going. You guessed it, those two little loves of mine. In the midst of the chaos and the hardship Mr. M and Little Mama provide a fresh perspective on life. 
Six years ago I met the love of my life; he came quite unexpectedly as most wonderful things in life do. After a year or so of being in community we realized that we had very similar ideals, hopes, and dreams and that we didn't want to be apart any longer. We skipped the traditional dating and got engaged, we married four months later and began life as Mr. & Mrs. M. 
We've had our struggles as a couple, but love, a sence of humor and our Creator has seen us through it all. 

Two and a half years into our marriage we decided to add an addition to our tribe. 
Yasmin Alisandra was born on April 27th.

This little lady has changed our lives in an incredible way. It is amazing to see ourselves and our parents in her. She is teaching us about love, about patience and about remembering to have a little fun. She and Mr. M are so wonderful I couldn't ask for a better pair to make up our little tribe. 

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