Wednesday, October 17, 2012


I can hardly believe that more than a month ago I entered the last year of my 20s! When I was in high school I used to think that people in their 20s were so grown up and mature and people in their 30s forget it, oldies! Well, that's me now, except I don't really feel very mature or grown up. Sometimes I feel old, but definitely not mature. 
Actually, to be honest my late 20s have been the best time of my life thus far. I've gotten to do some fun things and grow more into the person I want to be. 
The first great accomplishment was graduating from college (that actually happened in my early 20s but still); first generation in my family to go to a university and be a traditional undergraduate student! After graduation I started exploring my interest in social service working for some great agencies. 

I also found the love of my life during my 20s.
I had my amazing little girl just under a year and a half ago!

So many great things have happened. I can hardly wait to see what my 30s hold. Even more amazing things. 

A while back I discovered a blog called Delightfully Tacky (first blog I started following) and it was then I decided it would be so fun to start my own blog to document the little and BIG things in our lives. 
One day I was reading one of Elizabeth's post about  making goals for the new year. Her concept was a list of sorts she called her 25 before 26 list. I loved the concept and adopted it right away. My 28 before 29 goes like this:
1. Return to my Pre-Prego weight // I'm within 8lbs of it, but I still got my work cut out for me!
2. Throw my friend Dani a baby shower // Totally did that, I even made two really cute diaper cakes, it was so fun!
3. Throw Little Mama her 1st Birthday Party // We collaborated with my older sister to throw her youngest his 1st birthday (since his birthday is the month before Little Mama's) together and it was a huge success! I DIY'd most of my part. 

4. Sign Yasmin up for swimming lesson // Didn't get a chance since we moved to WA right in the middle of the summer.
5. Take E-course on blogging // Yes! Indie Blogger by Delightfully Tacky and Selective Potential
6. DIY TTV Photo Wall // Yes
7. DIY chalkboard // Yes
8. Take sewing classes // I bought a Groupon and completed my classes right before moving to WA
9. Discipline about daily prayer/quiet time // Still working on it
10. Redecorate Yasmin's room // Yes and yes! 

11. Go camping with Mr. M and Little Mama // Sadly NO
12. Go to annual Family-Weekend! // Yes
13. Find vintage stores in PDX // Since we moved that one got a little left behind
14. Attend farmers markets // We only attended one :(
15. Read more // Do blogs count?
16. Attend at least 2 children's clothes resale events // Only attended one
17. Have a BBQ once a month in the summer // We had about 2
18. Start potty training Little Mama // Yes
19. Learn to use Photoshop // I bought photoshop Elements and have done some fun collages and other things, I'm no expert yet, but I'm trying to learn new things
20. Teach Little Mama to sign 10 words // This one proved to be a little challenging, she only learned to sign "more".
21. Start a blog // I started my blog in July, and it has been so much fun!

I fared pretty well. So now to create my 29 before 30 list!

1. Bake at least 5 different pies
2. Learn to make Flour Tortillas
3. Find quality spanish language books for Yasmin
4. Eat something green everyday
5. Shop more purposefully (LESS!!)
6. Pay off credit cards
7. Improve Credit Report
8. Establish my family in our "home" church
9. Discipline about daily prayer/quiet time
11. Continue learning about the blog world through Blog Love
12. Read more fiction
13. Finish Little Mama's potty training
14. Connect with a Mom's group
15. DIY some cute accessories for Little Mama
16. Start a vegetable garden
17. Go camping
18. Attend Family Weekend
19. Attend library readings for toddlers
20. Have a girls weekend with sisters and some friends in PDX
21. Establish monthly dates with Mr. M.
22. Start preparing for Baby #2!!!

Wish me the best :)

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  1. How fun to do a 29 before your are 30. Her room looks so sweet!

    So much happens in your twenties... but your thirties are so nice. For me there was such a settling of the heart and soul into a happy rhythm.