Sunday, November 4, 2012

Family Pictures 2012

Since before Little Mama was born I've always known I wanted to do annual family photos. Since our finances don't allow for us to hire a professional I've had to get creative! 

This is us last year:
(photo by Cammie Toloui)

Here we are now:

As I mentioned, we had to get creative this year with our family pictures. I purchased a tripod and a remote (the remote ended up not being compatible with my camera so it went back), but the tripod was great. Running back and forth to press the timer button (add to that the timer only takes one photo at a time) made for a challenging time, but who cares? We had fun and got some good shots. 

Little Mama was very cooperative, most of the time!

Undoubtedly my favorite season for photos has to be fall. Its hard to beat all the beautiful colors and the mild weather!

Mr. M. always looking so handsome!

One place I've been particularly interested in taking photos at is the Yakima Electric Railway Museum. I don't know the history of this place, since its only open on Saturdays or something. We were driving by one saturday and we saw a trolly with passangers. Maybe one of these Saturdays we will go and tour the place. 

(all belly!)

We may not have been able to hire a professional but we definitely captured some amazing moments.

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