Saturday, November 3, 2012

Half Birthdays!

Last week Little Mama turned 18 months. I'm already planning her 2nd birthday! That's not an exaggeration! Ok maybe a little. Mr. M. and I agreed we would not throw anything big since we kind of went all out on her 1st. It will be something small for close friends and family, but it will be fun none the less. 

Little Mama,
You are growing up so fast. I've said this before: I was excited for you to start talking and doing "bigger" girl things, but honestly I wasn't ready. Namely those little tantrums that have been surging all the time often! But honestly now, you are such a confident, determined little lady. You are creative and make me laugh. Your little kisses melt my heart, and your tricks, well, I'm catching on. When you say "Caca" and we quickly run you to the bathroom only to realize you just wanted to get off the high chair or out of bed. You got us good, but like I said, we are catching on. You are growing into such a lovely person, I love you so much.


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