Sunday, March 31, 2013

Oh, thank you!

I found this on a blog I often read:

It was a hard day for me today! While I am immensely thankful for a day where i can be intentional about celebrating this amazing thing Jesus did, I still felt overwhelmed by the commercialization of Easter and how many buy into it. I'm not trying to be overly religious or judgmental, but my heart aches to see people yearn for healthy lives, healthy relationships and a realization that what our souls need most is a connection to our Maker. Everything else is secondary, especially bunnies, chocolate and eggs. 
We are running around filling a void in our lives with romantic relationships, material things, drugs and alcohol, exercise, dieting only to come up short or even empty handed. Chained to something we think is gonna make us happy, but in the end what we need is to accept we need our Maker. We need that relationship. I am certainly glad Jesus made a way for me to quit trying to find my worth in all these things that the world has to offer. I'm here in this planet for hopefully a while longer, so I'm gonna give in to this hope I have in Jesus. This hope that tells me I don't have to settle for finding my worth in things that are temporary. Instead I'm gonna find hope in our Creator. 

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