Thursday, May 9, 2013

Little Mama turns 2!

A few weeks ago Little Mama turned 2! As we came closer to the day, I proclaimed to anyone who would listen that I was so over planning a big party for a little munchkin who would have no personal memory of the event. But if you know me even a little bit, you know that I LOVE to plan things, especially parties. Which I have to admit is kind of strange, being that I'm a total introvert and very much dislike large groups of people where I have to mingle and pretend I'm not completely awkward. 
So here we were a few months near the big day and I was knee deep in rainbow colored pompom garlands, pin wheel decorations and my personal favorite a look-alike doll and outfit for Little Mama. Halfway through the preparations I wondered why many mothers do this when their kids won't even remember. Its silly really, but I'm not going to lie its so much fun for me. So I guess that's my answer, its because I enjoy the process :)

The big day came and we were pretty much ready; the sun was shining and the grill was ready. There is no party that can happen at our house without the grill and a good Carne Asada.

Oh, and let me not forget the bounce house. I told Mr. M. he was in charge of the activities for the kids and he quickly announced he was going to rent a bounce house. 

I was a bit mortified, as I've frequently joked about how silly they are, but decided I'd just go along with it. The kids loved it of course, and I didn't mind the whole neighborhood thinking there was a carnival happening at our house. 

 It was a very fun day, despite the 25mph wind gusts; a day of spending time with friends, enjoying delicious food, partaking in two cakes, and lots of snacks. 

The kids bounced till their hearts were content (or at least most did. Little Mama was so sad when they took the bouncy house away, she almost cried. After all the kids left, she even got both her grandpas and Mr. M. to bounce with her for an hour or so. Let me tell you, the kid slept through the night for the first time in a while, and I'm sure the men did too. 

I'm not going to deny that throwing this kind of party makes me feel like we are spoiling Little Mama a bit. It makes me think that she will grow up to be a little brat who thinks she is entitled to whatever her little heart desires. This may or may not happen, but not because of a party once a year. Its about the lifestyle we live.

I've been thinking of all the ways I can model the intanbigles I want her to grow up storing in her heart. Like having the ability to see her privilege and being called to a life of giving (love and all the material things she has accessable to her). We try throughout the year to show her ways to love others and are starting traditions during important dates (like Christmas and Easter) to help her and ourselves look beyond our own wants to see the real needs of others. I think the culture of self-indulgence that is so prevalent in our society (and in humanity to be perfectly honest) scares me more than I can describe, but at the same time I know that living in fear of Little Mama becoming someone completely selfish is not healthy. 

I know that if we all look to our Creator for a deeper purpose and sense of belonging we will all grow up to be a positive part of our world. I have hope for this little person because I know our Maker will always surround her with Truth and Love.

Happy Birthday Little Mama! You are our most incredible gift, and we love you to the end of time. You are a determined and adventurous little person, who I know will grow up to be incredible, caring, and a sunbeam to this world. Because to tell you the truth, you are already all of these things and more.

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  1. A party well planned! Like the decorations and the bouncy house looked fun.