Thursday, September 5, 2013

Showers of Blessing

Two weeks from yesterday I approached Delivery-Day! But we all know that only 5% of little bundles arrive on their designated day, so I don't have too much hope that it will actually happen on that one specific day. But who knows, maybe it will happen sooner. All I know is that since my clinic doesn't let you go over 41 weeks I will definitely have a Little in my arms in no more than 3 weeks! Praise Jesus! I have been so uncomfortable this pregnancy, I don't know how anyone has been able to deal with all my moodiness. Especially these last few weeks! I have been so cranky, unable to sleep at night, and getting bigger by the minute. I can hardly stand myself. But in the midst of this roller coaster of emotions and physical change we have been so blessed. Being able to stay home and spend time with Little Mama has been hard, but oh so good. We wake up early, watch some Curious George, go to the gym, play some, lunch together, clean house, nap, and play some more. It has been so fun! 

All of these photos are from my iPhone camera so they are a bit grainy, but they are such good memories.
So as baby week approaches I can kind of tell you that I'm ready. Physically and emotionally. Maybe not prepared but definitely ready. 
A few weeks back we were very fortunate to travel south for a great time with my parents and sisters. My sisters planned a baby shower, that my mom hosted at her house. It was a small affair, with close friends and family members. I thoroughly enjoyed it. 


These last few weeks of out pour into my family have been so good to experience.
Our church also organized a shower for us and I thoroughly enjoyed it. 

Its at times like these that I realize how much God loves us, and that I need to love others as well. I feel like I've been reminded these last few weeks of how important it is to truly care for others. I've been reminded of how important it is to be a good friend, and to genuinely think of others and their needs. Its a beautiful thing to find a community of people who share this vision, who care for others knowing fully well that our Creator, through different means, will also take care of them. 

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