Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Fourth Trimester

3 months! Today my little boy is 3 months!
A friend once described the first three months after a baby is born as the "fourth trimester" because of all the developmental changes still happening. I agree. Mateo has transformed from a squishy little baby mouse into a chunky playful infant. 
He is the sweetest little ham that ever did live. I am having so much fun getting to see his personality develop. The first time I heard him "talking" I was so overjoyed. Lately he has been squealing with delight at the most random of things. For example, I was throwing away a plastic bag and he thought the crinkling it made was the funniest thing, he couldn't stop laughing!

My boy, the little man who now weighs over 15 lbs. 
(His sister was 16 lbs. at her 6 month check up!)
He has been wearing 3-6 month clothes (some 6 month)for a couple weeks now.
He doesn't particularly like tummy time, only about five minutes pass before he is screaming with frustration. 
Recently he started with those terrible diaper blow-outs. The other day I literally cut off a onsie when I couldn't figure out how to clean a blow-out that was up to his neck.
But above all this little cutie has filled our lives with so much joy. 

Mateo: my prayer for you is that you will grow up to be a man of integrity, respectful towards humanity, and loving, especially during times of trial. 

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