Saturday, July 28, 2012

An Unlikely Discovery

While we were out tracking down berries the other day we came across an unlikely little bag of flour with the name Indian Fry Bread Mix on the front. While I don't really know the history of fry bread, I do know this, it is absolutely delish. 
About six years ago I had my first introduction to fry bread and I was captivated. You can eat fry bread in many ways, but I particularly like the fry bread taco. (Being Mexican, I love anything taco). The little bag of fry bread mix was extremely easy to prepare, just add one cup of water it said. Except I must have added too much water or this simple recipe tricked me because it came out all gooey and I had to add more flour. After I resolved the little mishap we were on our way. I fried the little tortilla like patties and they came out great. We topped them with refried beans, ground turkey, tomato, avocado, lettuce and cheese. 

And then we had a feast! 
While fry bread tacos are not particularly healthy (particularly meaning not at all), we definitely enjoyed this discovery. Who knew a roadside fruit stand could yield so much greatness?


  1. You can find so many great things in the strangest of places you just have to have a good eye and become adventuress! That's why your the best! I love all the interesting new tasty treats you come up with and discover!