Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Life Lately

Since we moved from Portland OR to Central WA about three weeks ago we have been constantly on the go. Despite all this running around, life has been wonderful. 

This past weekend my parents, younger sister and niece came to visit. We had a blast.

We enjoyed some pan dulce (Mexican sweet bread), a picnic and of course some great backyard fun including a BBQ.

We got the girls a kiddy pool and filled it up with lots of water. It was Yasmin's first swim in a kiddy pool so we filled it up with luke warm water from inside (so as not to traumitize her from her first outdoor swim). We ate some yummy Paletas (Mexican popsicles) and I even made my favorite cookies, Polvorones

 It was a lovely time and now I miss my family so much. It is definitely a bummer that they live far away, but it helps me cherish the time we are together that much more. 


  1. Family is essential to our way of life! When family lives far away the bond is most definitely strengthened. Your polvorónes (or boronados like I call them) are the best!

    Love ya
    Mr. M

  2. I love the pictures Silvia! Especially the one with your dad and your sis Lori. Reminds me of his twin my dad. :)