Monday, July 16, 2012

True Love on 7th St.

I grew up with the love of my grandmothers a whole country away. We moved to the US when I was only eight years old, and memories of them in those formative years are few. Because they lived so far away we didn't get to see them very often and I have always felt a little sad that I don't really have a very close connection with them.  
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"Abuelita" as we call my little lady's grandma is only a five minute drive away. Imagine, five minutes. The number of memories they will get to create are endless. True love, you can find it on 7th St. 

Did you get to live close to your grandmother(s) growing up? What are some of your most cherished memories?


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  1. Cute picture. I grew up with ranitas that my grandmother and mother made me, which I make for my little Milia. ;)