Friday, July 27, 2012


Yesterday Mr. M., the little mama and I took a drive to the country (ok the country is like 5 mintues from downtown here in the Palm Springs of WA, but it was still "a drive"). 
I woke up with a need for fresh picked berries, but the orchard I wanted to go to posted on their website that U-pick wouldn't be open until the second week of August. I told Mr. M that we should just take a drive and see if we found a roadside fruit stand that had berries. He obliged and we were on our way. 

I've always thought myself a city girl, but these last few weeks I've really found a new love for this small town we moved to. Maybe its the yummy berries we found, I don't know, but ask me how long it took us to eat ALL the berries? Not long, not long at all.

I hope the summer is treating you well, we love picking berries around these parts. What summer activities do you love to do?

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